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Nail biting is a bad habit with serious health repercussions. People who bite their nails often develop deformed, shortened and uneven nails. The habit can also wreak havoc on the gums and teeth and cause oral health issues such as tooth grinding, gingivitis and root resorption. Gingivitis is caused when bacteria enters the mouth as a result of fingernail chewing. Tooth grinding can cause tooth sensitivity, headaches and facial pain. If treatment is not sought in good time, the patient may lose a tooth. People who chew nails can also experience pressure on the jawbone.

High dental bills are a major deterrent to residents seeking dental care and treatment in East Los Angeles. Dental insurance plans are a timely safety net for residents seeking affordable dental treatment. The other benefits of obtaining dental insurance include coverage for unexpected dental emergency treatment and access to a nationwide network of caring dentists. The three main types of dental plans offered in the US are PPO plans, HMO network and Indemnity plans.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry refers to the branch that exclusively deals with examining children and managing their dental health. 

Even in adulthood, dental procedures can seem intimidating, or even painful, and that's only more true in children who have never been to a dentist before. However, it's very important for children to regularly check their teeth so that tooth decay and cavities can be caught early. 

Pediatric dentists generally have three years of specialty training and usually limits their practice so they only treat children because they've trained so much for it. They are both primary and specialty oral care providers for patients all through adolescence, including children who have special needs. Some common conditions that are treated at our family dentistry include: 

There are many children who suck their thumbs or other objects, such as a pacifier, because it is a natural, soothing reflex. In fact, many babies begin to suck their thumbs while they are still in utero. It can help them calm down and fall asleep, but how does it affect their oral development? 

When permanent teeth begin to emerge, thumb sucking can hinder proper growth and alignment of a child's teeth. In addition, it can also cause changes to the roof of his or her mouth. Although pacifiers can be an easier habit to break because they can be taken away, they can still cause developmental problems and damage to your child's teeth. 

Your baby's teeth are an important part of his or her overall health and development. Baby teeth will help your child learn how to chew, speak, and smile. In addition, baby teeth also act as a holder in the jaw for the permanent teeth that are developing under his or her gums. If your baby loses a tooth too early, it can cause the permanent teeth to move into the open space. As a result, it will make it harder for the other permanent teeth to grow in where they are supposed to, which leads to crowded or crooked teeth. This is why it is vital to begin proper oral habits when your child is a baby.